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Front-End Web Development Capstone Portfolio

Course Outline:

*** Once you complete the Pre-Course Assessment your portfolio evaluation will commence. ***

Course Description:

In this capstone online course, the students will organize their project to create a portfolio based on the projects developed in the Front-End Web Development core courses. The instructor will provide feedback on their project, and by the completion of this course, students will have created a portfolio site with examples of their work. Successful completion of this course is required to obtain a certificate of completion of the Front-End Web Development course sequence.


Students must have completed HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, XML/JSON/AJAX, Responsive Web Design (RWD), and the Front-End Web Development Hands-On Courses by the end of the semester.

Required Textbook & Materials


Meeting Information:

  • Days:   Online
  • Dates:   11/3 - 12/15

Lesson Plan:

The certifying event sequence listed below will be used to conduct the evaluation of courses submitted by students for Front-End Web Development Certification.

Some certification events may happen immediately or may be delayed until a course is completed.

All course evaluations will be completed prior to the completion of the final portfolio evaluation.

Once the final portfolio evaluation process is completed, certification will be granted based on successful completion and certification of all course projects.

  1. Student completes Front-End Web Development Capstone Portfolio Pre-Course Assessment which identifies the student's courses to be evaluated.
  2. Instructor completes course project evaluation based on project completion rubric.
  3. Instructor identifies any course project deficiencies.
  4. Student is notified by instructor of course project deficiencies.
  5. Student corrects course project deficiencies.
  6. Student resubmits to instructor revised course for certification.
  7. Course completion is certified by instructor.
  8. After all Front-End Web Development courses are certified, final portfolio certification is conducted.
  9. Front-End Web Development Granted.
  10. Front-End Web Development student portfolio website replaces Front-End Web Development Portfolio Capstone project page.

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