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Brain Fitness - Session II

Session II Outline:

Mnemonics - Techniques that Aid Information Retention or Retrieval in Human Memory
Never forget a PASSWORD!


  • You will know what a Mnemonic Device is.
  • You will know types of Mnemonics.
  • You will know the different types of Mnemonics systems.
  • You will know how to create Mnemonic passwords you can use, using a Mnemonics system.

Class Presentations

Student Exercise

Student Exercise 1

  • List a mnemonic slogan or statement you know.
  • Share the mnemonic with your classmate.

Student Exercise 2

  • Make a Mind Palace of a room in your home.

Student Exercise 3

  • Associate a word for each sound of the Major System.

Student Exercise 4

  • Create 3 Passwords using the Mnemonic Password System.

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