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Brain Fitness - Session IV

Session V Outline:

Games – “Enhancing Your Executive Functions”


  • What Are Executive Functions
  • Executive Function (EF) Learning Principals
  • Dr. Sabine Doebel – How to Improve Executive Function
  • Dr. Daniel Amen – SPECT Imaging Brain Scans
  • Dr. Lara Boyd – Build the Brain You Want
  • Executive Function (EF) Practice Therapies
  • Executive Function (EF) Skills Adults Need
  • Student Exercise
  • Revisiting Initial Questions
  • Session and Course Review


  • Know What Are Executive Functions
  • Know Executive Function (EF) Learning Principals
  • Know about SPECT Imaging Brain Scans
  • Know About Building the Brain You Want
  • Know Executive Function (EF) Practice Therapies
  • Know Executive Function (EF) Skills Adults Need
  • Course Questions Answered

Class Presentations

Student Exercise

Student Exercise

Dixit Game

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