Selected Testimonials


Course Testimonial
Excel Level I “Instructor was hands on with helping students.”
Excel Level II “Covered all material, kept to schedule, instructor responsive to questions and provided help when needed and encouraged questions.”
Excel Level III “The course work and the teaching format of the professor.”
HTML5 “Professor Burnet has an excellent way by interaction and questioning to make the material relevant and understanding. Excellent way to teach!”
CSS3 “The knowledge that the instructor has about CSS3 and other web-design based languages. Students have hands-on experience with actual coding and uploading the code to servers.”
JavaScript “Very good overview of subject matter with in-depth analyses where necessary. Instructor did an excellent job responding to technical issue (test server not working) to keep class/learning on track.”
jQuery “I liked how the material was presented. Also the extra material provided or shown. The exercises and doing them are very helpful.”
XML, JSON &: AJAX “The instructor encourages student participation and he is helpful.”
Respeonsive Web Design (RWD) “I finally designed my own e-portfolio, which is something I've been meaning to do for a long time. It was challenging, but also very exciting.”
Creating Your Personal
and Small Business Web Sites
“Good interaction with the teacher; teacher was very open to working with each individual student and help problem solve. Teacher willing to give individual feedback. Strong inter-personal skills to keep the classroom discussion interesting -- good teaching style in keeping class engaged.”
Knowing Technology I
Your Computer
“Prof Burnett is a very excellent teacher. Providing solid content, interesting and timely short videos. He demonstrates outstanding engagement with students and invites questions.”
Knowing Technology II
Your Cloud Computing Services
“The teacher prepared the class very well and the material that it was distributed reinforces what was learned during the class. The class pace was comfortable and with room to ask questions.”
Knowing Technology II
Your Digital Security &: Privacy
“I learned how to take specific actions to protect my security and privacy. I realized that I need to learn more about technology and make use of specialized publications in order to be informed and up to date.”
Brain Fitness “From the description in the catalog, I thought the course was going to focus primarily on brain games with numbers, but Professor Burnett covered much more. He presented a comprehensive overview of brain plasticity and fitness through videos, lectures, and in-class exercises.”


Course Testimonial
Excel Level I “It is so much fun learning the Excel class. Prof. Burnett is excellent, the students are great it was a great team work.”
Excel Level II “The instructor was super patient with students and always ready to help and solve questions. He is excellent.”
HTML5 “Mr. Burnett was very helpful to our exercises for us to learn with hands on exercises.”
JavaScript & jQuery “Instructor Burnett made it fun and interesting. Easy to access his website with all the information needed to do the work. The instructor was well prepared and had a lot of information on his website including PowerPoints of the presentations done in class.”
Creating Your Personal
and Small Business Web Sites
“In addition to wonderful details about what website creation requires, I appreciated how up to date he is on the importance of development for mobile devices. I frankly took this class last semester with another instructor, who never mentioned this. Mobile devices are most likely to be used for checking out websites in my target audience.”
Digital Security & Privacy “Prof. Burnett's course material was wide ranging and thorough. In addition, he asked each of us to write down 3 questions and saw to it that they were answered. Moreover, he was attentive to all the impromptu questions we raised during the class, clarifying each. He is thorough, clear, and patient in providing answers. For one question, he said he didn't know and promised to do research on that and share his findings with the class.”
Cloud Computing for Home & Office “Very organized and wealth of info presented. Prof Burnett answered all our questions. Final exercise allowed us to review what we learned and next steps for follow up.”
Digital Literacy for the 21st Century “The topics were exactly what I needed to know. While all info was valuable to me, I appreciated how Prof Burnett tried hard also to collect from us our questions and concerns, and respond to them in terms that made sense to us. I felt truly encouraged and liberated to use the computer, digital devices, and internet with so much more confidence and knowledge.”


Course Testimonial
Excel Level I “Fun. Learned some new tricks. Professor Burnett is very informative and patient.”
Excel Level II “I thought Prof Burnett covered lots of information that will be useful in using Excel in the workplace. I didn't expect to learn as much as I did, which is a huge bonus.”
Excel Level III “The Professor was very detailed and took his time to explain the course materials.”
HTML5 Level I “Very well prepared instructor, worked well with different levels of expertise in the class.”
HTML5 Level II “An incredible amount of information to cover but Professor Burnett covers it well and doesn't leave anyone behind.”
jQuery & JavaScript “The pace, the content, the instruction. I am now able to use JavaScript at work. It has been very successful.”
HTML Cyber Advantage
Level I
“Very hands on. Professor Burnett is also very knowledgeable about HTML.”
HTML Cyber Advantage
Level II
“It covered a lot of materials in a short period. It is a nice part of this class.”
Digital Security & Privacy “Instructor provided invaluable information related to securing your data & maintaining your digital privacy. Course was very interesting & engaging!”
Cloud Computing for Home & Office “Prof. Burnett obviously has broad experience in his field. He did a great job of relating to students with differing levels of experience. I found the small group conversations to be a plus.”
Digital Literacy for the 21st Century “Prof. Burnett related to his older inexperienced class with logical explanations and gave us the tools and references to follow up. I definitely would take more courses from him.”

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